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We took down Trump,
now help us defeat the Republicans threatening our democracy in the midterms.

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The future of our democracy depends on the power of community organizers. We raised over $10M via micro-donations to defeat Trump in 2020 and build political power for Black and Brown progressive organizers. Now, in this critical moment, help us defeat the MAGA movement and build more lasting progressive political power.

How it works

Every time the Seditious Six - Gaetz, Boebert, Jordan, Cruz, Hawley, and Greene - tweets, each member of our community makes a microdonation (1-10 cents) to our portfolio of progressive political organizers.

Together we are taking down MAGA by building power in the swing states Every time they tweet, we donate directly to organizers working to unseat them.

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The Black Catalyst Fund

Money from micro-donations go to these Black & Brown-led organizers. These swing state organizers build communities that educate voters and bring out the vote. Our previous support helped them lead us to victories in the White House and Georgia runoffs. They know how to build political power and move us towards a more equitable country!

Learn more about 'The Justice Fund' and which Republicans they're helping defeat.

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Happy #ElectionDay! Vote like your life depends on it—because it does. Our rights are at stake, and it's time to bring our power to the polls ✊🗳️
All hell is about to break loose…and we’ll be ready for Trump’s return. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!
Can’t think of a single reason as to why anyone needs an AR-15. Republicans have blood on their hands. Repost via: @quentin.quarantino
Elon waiting for Trump to come back to Twitter like...