Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change, cancel, or pause my donation?

We are so grateful for your contribution to #defeatbytweet, real change is coming and that is because of your contribution. Before you make any changes to your account, please consider staying on board for the 2024 election cycle. We have continuisly been able to fund grassroot organizers who never stopped working for to protect our democracy. These incredible organizations. he effectiveness of this campaign shows the impact of investing in these grassroots organizations around the country.

Please email support@democracyengine.com to cancel your account.

What is Defeat by Tweet?

Defeat by Tweet is a campaign to combat Trumpism, fight racism and advance racial justice in America. You can sign up to donate between $0.01 and $1 (or more) to Black and Brown-led political organizers every time "The Seditious Six" tweets — turning their hateful words into positive change!

Where does my money go?

Contributions to Defeat by Tweet will be used to benefit the Live Free and Black Cat Fund, a portfolio of Black and Brown-led grassroots organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and justice reform.

Currently the portfolio we fund is comprised of organizations that build power in the swing states and "high potential" states (states with large Black and Brown populations that, if well organized, could become a swing state.).

Here is the complete list of our current portfolio.
NC Black Alliance, Advance North Carolina
VA BLOC - Black Leadership Organizing Collective
Detroit Action
The Grove, Cypress Action Fund/SC
Texas Black Civic Engagement Fund
Power Coalition/LA
New Georgia Project, New Georgia Project Action Fund
Live Free

What if the "Seditious Six" go on a Twitter spree?

When you sign up, you can cap your monthly donations at any amount so you don’t have to worry. If they are throwing a particularly large tantrum on Twitter, your donation will max out at your predetermined limit and reset the following month.

Who runs Defeat by Tweet?

Defeat by Tweet is a Resist This PAC (https://www.resistthispac.org/) effort.

Will the organizations I support ever change?

As organizations reach their funding goals, Defeat by Tweet will rotate them out of the portfolio, either adding new organizations that meet its funding criteria or concentrating your donation to help close the funding gaps of the other organizations it supports.

Is my donation secure?

Democracy Engine is one of the most trusted payment partners for political fundraising. They work with the cybersecurity firms SecureTrust and VikingCloud to ensure full compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, reducing the vulnerability of user data. We have SecureTrust perform a monthly intrusion scan, have VikingCloud perform periodic penetration tests of our software application and server network, undergo an annual assessment of our entire system, and we encrypt all credit card data and store it behind multiple layers of firewalls.

Do you charge any fees?

Nope, Defeat By Tweet doesn't charge any platform fees - it's free to use.

How are donations processed?

Our partner Democracy Engine will process your donation every month. You will see a credit or debit card charge just liek you would for any other subscription.  

Was I overcharged?

Given the variable nature of Defeat by Tweet donations, it can be often prove difficult for donors to anticipate what will be withdrawn from their account on the 1st of each month.

Your withdrawal total is a combination of:

  • The number of times the "Seditious Six" tweeted in the past month
  • The amount you set to donate per tweet
  • Your monthly limit
  • The tip you are adding for Defeat by Tweet
  • The fees charged by the payment processor
  • Any unprocessed donations from the previous donation period

We are happy to provide the context that results in your withdrawal amount. If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@defeatbytweet.org.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Like other political contributions, contributions to Defeat by Tweet are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Who can donate to Defeat by Tweet?

Only US citizens or Green Card Holders can donate to Defeat by Tweet because Defeat by Tweet is a federal super PAC. We cannot accept contributions from foreign nationals.

How else can I help support Defeat by Tweet?

In addition to signing up to donate, you can help us spread the word! The more people who are involved, the greater impact we can have.

Share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter, email and text your friends, and tell your neighbors! Use the hashtag #DefeatbyTweet when you share on social media.