Justice Fund

What is the Justice Fund?

The Justice Fund is a portfolio of effective Black led and centered grassroots organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and justice reform.

What is the strategy behind the Justice Fund?

Change is coming! With the support of our donors we have set the stage for unprecedented efforts for real change across the United States. We have 4 main areas of focus that we know will lead to a progressive decade. We are humbled and grateful for your interest / participation in our work.

Federal Change

We need a federal congress that sees systemic racism as an issue that must be tackled. That’s why we are funding community organizers now that can help reform-focused candidates win primaries and generals in important upcoming senate races.

Swing-State Executive Power

Governors, as the executive power in their state, can advance racial justice dramatically. Governors can grant clemency, appoint reformers as judges and on parole boards, make executive orders and re-orient state budgets to support impacted communities. By focusing on Governor races in swing-states, we continue to build the political power we need to win the 2024 Presidential election as well.

Progressive Local Leadership

Our Justice System, the tool most often used to enforce oppression and disenfranchisement, is primarily run at the city, county, and state level. Therefore, investments in justice reform means supporting organizers in cities and counties with critical mayoral, city council, judge, sheriff and district attorney elections this upcoming cycle.

Meet the Moment

When crisis happens, we want to be able to support the community leaders at the center of it. Crisis can be opportunities to put pressure on the adoption of less oppressive and / or more equitable policies.

Which organizations are included in the Justice Fund?

The Justice Fund currently includes:

Additional organizations will be added over the next few weeks as they complete vetting with our partner, the Movement Voter PAC (MVP). As organizations reach their funding goals MVP will rotate them out of the portfolio, either adding new organizations that meet our funding criteria or concentrating donations to help close the funding gaps of the other organizations in our portfolio.

What is the criteria for being included in the Justice Fund?

To make sure donations go where they’re needed most, we’ve partnered with the Movement Voter PAC (MVP), which works to strengthen progressive power at all levels of government by helping donors support the most promising community-based organizations, with a focus on youth and communities of color. MVP supports hundreds of organizations that turn out unlikely voters and organize communities to grow their power and create transformation, from policy to the streets. MVP selected organizations for the Justice Fund portfolio based on these criteria:

  • Electoral Justice: We invest in organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and criminal justice reform, engaging in important local elections for district attorney, sheriff, and judges; and expanding the base of black voters in key swing states.
  • Black Led and Centered: We invest in black led and centered groups building black political power to change our communities and our nation. These groups are positioned to capture the energy and urgency of this moment of highly public state violence and citizen uprising, and turn it into progress at the ballot box.
  • Geography: We invest in organizations that can impact key senate, guberantorial and local races. Justice Fund organizations work in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, and Colorado.
  • Track Record: We invest in organizations with a proven track record of running effective electoral organizing programs and moving the needle on criminal justice reform.
  • Financial Need and Growth Potential: We invest in organizations that have programs with a clear path to scale where additional dollars will make a tangible impact on election outcomes.