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Every time these 6 Trump puppets tweet, donate a few pennies to Black and Brown orgs fighting the spread of Trumpism.

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Defeat Trumpets - Defeat by Tweet

How it works

The Seditious Six—Reps Greene, Jordan, Boebert, and Gaetz; and Senators Cruz and Hawley - use their platforms to spread lies and encourage insurrection.

Every time they tweet, our community makes micro-donations to Black and Brown-led organizers that will help us defeat them and their treasonous colleagues.

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Defeat by Tweet

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Let’s defeat Trumpism! We voted Trump out, but his Trumpets are still here. Help us win the fight against misinformation, hate, and division – with your pennies.

We are here to win!

We have already made a big splash raising over $6,000,000 defeating Trump and winning the senate seats in Georgia. Our work in crowdfunding for Black and Brown-organizers continues to be recognized in notable news agencies around the country. We are also proud to have some of the most recognized celebrities join our cause and advocate for our mission. See below for articles and celebrities championing #defeatbytweet and #defeattreason.

Join the fight!

Justice Fund Organizers

Money from micro-donations go to these Black & Brown-led organizers. These organizers build communities that educate voters and bring out the vote. We supported them and they helped elect Biden, Harris, and Democratic senators Ossoff and Warnock in GA. They know how to build political power!

Learn more about 'The Justice Fund' and which Republicans they're helping defeat.

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